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Welcome to Vondrake's Dungeon !


Vondrake's Dungeon is a 2D platformer game, inspired by Metroid and Castlevania (Metroidvania), in an humorous way.

You play as a ninja-wizard looking for greats spirits who can become your companions. Each boss will give you a new spirit.

Every spirits will help you with their special skills. For example, one spirit can throw bombs to break walls, or another one can make distant attacks. You need them to keep going.

But this dungeon is very dangerous. Be careful, there are a lot of traps and enemies. They are waiting for you.

Kill enemies and break some objects can give you gems. You can collect enough gems to buy a lot of amazing items, like more health and more mana.

In this dungeon, you can find some old parchments... Thanks to that, you can unlock abilities, like wall jump or invicible roll.

Will you succeed and become the most amazing ninja-wizard of the world ?


Vondrake's Dungeon est un jeu de plateforme 2D inspiré par Metroid et Castevania (Metroidvania) dans un univers humoristique

Vous incarnez un ninja-mage à la recherche d'un ancien grimoire permettant d'asservir l'humanité ! Dans cette tache vous serez accompagné de grands esprits qui deviendront vos compagnons.

Chaque esprits vous aidera avec ses compétences particulières.  Par exemple,  jeter des bombes pour briser des murs, ou encore attaquer a distance pour atteindre des monstres ou des interrupteurs jusqu’à lors inaccessible. Vous aurez besoin d'eux pour avancer dans l'aventure.

Mais ce donjon est très dangereux. Faites attention, il y a beaucoup de pièges et d'ennemis qui vous attendent.

Tuer les ennemis et casser des objets peut vous donner des gemmes. Grace a ces gemmes vous pourrez acheter beaucoup d'objets incroyables, comme plus de santé ou plus de mana, voir meme déverrouiller des capacités comme un saut contre les murs ou une esquive.

Game control :

(With gamepad) :

A -> Jump
X -> Attack
Y -> Special
B -> Roll
RT -> Select spirits

(With keyboard) :

Space -> Jump
A/Q -> Attack
D -> Special
S -> Roll
W/Z -> Select spirits
Cancel/Confirm : Esc/Enter
F4 -> Fullscreen

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Vondrake's Dungeon Demo.zip 109 MB


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Love the art!  Fun and controls nicely!  -awesome work!

Thank you so much :D We're proud you enjoyed it !

You can keep in touch on our Twitter if you want, news are in ;)

I played your game and I really like it !

But I think the damages are not visible and it is hard to see when we take damage.

Thank you Maniakorto !!

Yeah you're right ! We thought about it and changed it a little. Now there will be a little blood effect on the interface :) 

It will be available on the next demo update ! Thanks for your good feedback ;) You can keep  in touch on our Twitter if you want, news are in :)

I played your game, it's really good!

It seems you can't wall-jump with the D-Pad (arrows). That can only be done with the left stick, not sure if intentional or not, but I figured I'd mention it!

Keep up the good work, though. The game played really well


Hi Mcyawgi,

We're really proud and glad to see how much you had fun playing it ! Thank you a lot for this wonderful video !

Yeah you're right for the wall jump, it's because we did it too fast and forgot to code it for the D-Pad... Our bad haha. But don't worry, it'll be rectified on the next version !

Actually, we're not clear about it but it's an alpha version. As you said, we plan to add a scenario, others weapons, abilities (DOUBLE JUMP) and areas.

You can keep in touch with our Twitter : https://twitter.com/PsychoMoustache.

In any case, thank you again for your interest !