A downloadable game for Windows

An old grimoire with an evil magic... To subjugate humanity !

In a crazy Dungeon&Dragon's spirit, you are a ninja-wizard planning to rules the world.

But.... There is a dungeon between you and your machiavellian goal. And the owner will not let you pass...

Will you succeed and pass all his sadistic traps ?

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Published122 days ago
StatusIn development
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, XBox 360 controllers


Vondrake's Dungeon Demo.zip (90 MB)


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I played your game, it's really good!

It seems you can't wall-jump with the D-Pad (arrows). That can only be done with the left stick, not sure if intentional or not, but I figured I'd mention it!

Keep up the good work, though. The game played really well


Hi Mcyawgi,

We're really proud and glad to see how much you had fun playing it ! Thank you a lot for this wonderful video !

Yeah you're right for the wall jump, it's because we did it too fast and forgot to code it for the D-Pad... Our bad haha. But don't worry, it'll be rectified on the next version !

Actually, we're not clear about it but it's an alpha version. As you said, we plan to add a scenario, others weapons, abilities (DOUBLE JUMP) and areas.

You can keep in touch with our Twitter : https://twitter.com/PsychoMoustache.

In any case, thank you again for your interest !